Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RIP Larry Saucier 12/4/06-1/20/08

After a long fight after his surgery, Larry has passed on. As most of you know, Larry had his second surgery after eating a kong on wednesday -- Sunday we realized something wasnt right and when we took him in yesterday -- they did surgery again and discovered that he had a leak in his intestine which caused an infection inside him. The vets did all that they could, but sadly, it was his time to go -- while his time in our life was brief, he made a huge impact on our lives and wont ever be forgotten.

We love you big pig and you will always be in our thoughts and in our dreams. Please stay out of trouble in heaven -- but be sure to chase all the puppies you can and eat all the carrots and apples you want...big hugs and sloppy kisses...

we miss you.

silly puppy loving the snow

Monday, January 5, 2009

where did the time go?

another year has past -- and im now another year older...where does the time go?? it seems like it was just yesterday that we moved here and were living in our apartment, but we are now home owners in the greater-seattle area (props to us for finally getting that done) and have been enjoying life with our daughter...

this last year a lot has happened -- from pregnancy to marriage to thinking our bulldog was going to have to be put down, giving birth and buying a house -- it was quite eventful. i made friends and i lost friends, or rather figured out who my real friends were. i started school and jon was accepted to wsu. ive found myself with less sleep and more patience and couldnt be happier -- though at times i do get frustrated.

so ella is almost three months old -- we survived the holidays, the snow storm and even jon being gone for four nights (even though that was a nightmare). ive watched her go from a sleeping baby to one that cant stop smiling and needs your attention more than you ever dreamed. shes almost doubled in size now -- and i cant believe it. i look at pictures from when she was born and she doesnt even resemble the baby i met on that first day, but she is so so so much more than i ever imagined.

i go back to work friday. not excited, let me tell you. however, my cousin jessica make the biggest sacrifice for our family -- she left her jobs to watch ella for us, talk about amazing person. i was dreading taking her to daycare because i know how much of an attention-whore she can be...it saddened me to think about her not getting 100 percent of someones attention -- and jessica heard my crys and came a running...so thank you wonderful cousin!! im still gonna have a hard time leaving, but it might be a good change of pace, though i dont know how in the heck i am going to get up in the morning...so wish me luck.

this weekend will be our first family trip. we are going to oceanshores for my birthday, and i couldnt be more excited. jon and i havent taken any time away together since we moved out here, so it will be a well deserved break, not to mention a good experience for ella -- lets just hope that the freeway doesnt get shut down due to all the flooding...