Sunday, March 29, 2009

five and a half months...

so ella is now 5.5 months old. she has survived her first ear infection and came back ready to go...and let me tell you, i couldnt be happier -- i was so worried when she didnt want to eat and all she was doing was crying (luckily we caught it at the start, so it was easy to take care of). she is making huge advancements in her development -- she is getting close to crawling and she is talking lots and lots, not words -- but lots of just blabbing. she also started sleeping in her crib (well, for the first part of the night anyways) -- she burned the motor out in her swing, so she was pretty much forced to do this, but hasnt really made a big stink over it. she weighed in at 11lbs,6oz at her doc appt -- but the doctor didnt seem worried because she said she probably lost a little bit of weight while she was sick, but that she would likely come in where is supposed to be at for her.

on another note -- i started a new job. im now working 4x10 with fridays off -- that gives jon and i one day off together as well as another full day with e. i split my work between seattle and everett boeing and am now working in a different department -- while this assignment is only temp, im hoping that i can prove myself and my it permanent. jons brother, adam, is making the big move from michigan to washington to live with us on wednesday. it will be nice for him to get to know ella and her to get to know him.

OH! and i need to say thank you to jess -- she has been a total life saver -- she has been able to help out longer than she thought because of this job change -- and without her, i wouldnt have been able to take the job -- so i owe her BIG TIME and love her more than words can even describe. i have also asked her to take me to her church -- so now im just trying to make sure i can do it, cause i really feel as though i need to start going and she had such wonderful things to say about her place of worship. i also wanted to thank her for being there for me, no matter what...for always listening to me and making me feel as though i can do anything i put my mind to...i love you jess!!

flowers that the hubby had delivered to me at work <3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

its been way too long

So, as you can tell, i suck at keeping up on this thing. truth be told -- i honestly havent had time to do it, but i have taken a crap ton of pictures -- not missing a moment...and if i could post "voice notes" i would do that too cause ella has grown into quite the little lady who loves to laugh...she is now five months old -- can you believe it?? shes currently recovering from an ear infection, so she was weighed yesterday -- 11lbs, 6oz -- yes, tiny -- but shes growing and is right along her little no worries...i just have a mini baby -- with a HUGE shes perfect and i couldnt ask for anything better...but yeah, school, work and baby -- my life is jam packed...but i will try my hardest to actually post some stuff about her -- cause if you cant tell by the pictures, she is outta control...

oh, and a little shout out here -- i love you jess, thank you so much for helping out while i am at work, its more than appreciated!

sick? who me?

so hollywood -- thank you for the glasses chelsy!


notice the middle finger -- its one of her favorite things to do

must have remote -- or moms cell phone...whichever i can get my hands on

"mom, stop"