Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little E

exersaucer champion

lovin on her mama

sooo hollywood

passed out

after a huge crying fit

bang bang

she loves the bunny blanket auntie jilly gave her

monkey kisses

bashful baby

just dance



little kicker

Saturday, February 7, 2009

ella's first play date

so i realize that i have been totally slacking at this...but life has been beyond crazy with adjusting to work and school -- and well, the loss of larry...ive been handling that the worse and it hasnt been getting any easier...

anyways...i promise to post some pictures soon...but i had to post the ones from today -- ella had a play date with joyce today -- joyce is the daughter of suttida and david and is about 2 weeks younger than ella...it was so cute watching the ella and joyce stare at each other...we also decided that we had to dress them up in matching bear suits :) not only did ella have a great time -- i did too! it was so nice talking to suttida, hearing her birth story and about how her life has changed since then -- she is such a great mom and i am looking forward to hanging out with her a lot more often so that our girls can be the best of friends...