Sunday, August 31, 2008

its been a while...oops!

wowza -- so lots and lots has happened since the last time i posted something on here -- and that means i havent been doing a good job keeping up on this (sorry jessy!!) -- so here i go...i will attempt to recount the last month of my life here on this website...

  • at the start of this month with larry getting outta control sick -- it consisted of him puking or pooing every where and it got so bad that i considered getting rid of him...i know, mean, but i just couldnt do it anymore...i ended up taking him back to the vet the day after he puked 3 times in one night -- on me -- and they said that he had a blockage in his intestines and that was why he was having such a hard time digesting -- in fact, he lost about 15 lbs in the month from his last appointment simply because everything he was eating was sitting in his belly, digesting -- then would come back up (and yes, it smelled like poo and make me want to puke)...after they told us this, we found out that larry would need to have surgery the next morning -- which he had -- they cut his little belly open, and found out that his body was attacking his intestines -- but that he had also ate some rubber which had created a little scar tissue...after his surgery he was stapled back up and told to relax for the next 10 days...try telling a puppy he needs to lay down when he has two other siblings running all over the place. We were able to give him some drugs to keep him semi-sleepy...but it didnt stop him from running and jumping on the couch. since the surgery he has fully recovered, in fact, we havent seen him this happy in like forever -- he runs, jumps and has even started humping things (he will be getting fixed here shortly). However, he does have to be on special dog food that runs us 100 bucks a bag...stupid dog eats better than both jon and i -- but hes our baby, what can we say??
  • as the last post stated we got married on the 10th of August -- and we plan on celebrating with both family and friends this next spring after our baby girl gets here and life settles down a little bit
  • we found a house, FINALLY, and moved about two weeks ago -- so we have spent a ton of time trying to get settled in...which isnt easy because i get so freaking tired so easily. with our new house, jon decided to get me an elliptical machine and home gym because i love working out and he knew that i wouldnt be able to make it to the gym once Ella gets here -- its all so nice, and though i havent been able to use it everyday like i would like, it does get used at least 3 times a week -- like i said, its just hard because i get super tired...jon also started painting the babys room today - we decided to go with greens and browns, so once that is all done we will start putting her room together. lately i have found myself torn between what crib to get -- i really want to get one of those convertible cribs, but its so hard to find one that has good ratings -- does anyone have any suggestions??
  • jill had her bachelorette party a week ago -- we rode the ducks -- something i havent ever done, but have always wanted to, so im super happy that she decided to do that. although i didnt get to stay out as late as i would have liked, i still had a lot of fun, and it was such a great time hanging out with her and everyone else...i cant believe it -- she is going to be married in a freaking week!! wowza!! my best friend -- im gonna be a freaking mess this next saturday, i know it...i can tell....but nothing would make me happier than to watch her say i do to the man of her dreams...congrats my love!!
  • im now twenty nine weeks preggers and our baby girl is moving all around inside my belly. its totally weird watching my belly take different shapes on a daily basis...i try to play with her, but jon gets mad at me cause i poke at her waiting for her to kick me. we have an ultrasound at our new doctors on september 11th -- which is when they will tell me if i truly have to have a c-section or not...if we do, we are going to have her on jons birthday, which is a week before her due date -- and the only thing that would change that would be if she decided she wanted to meet us a little sooner :) im kinda scared of the whole c-section thing, but if its whats best for everyone involved, i gotta do it...besides, it means i get a little bit more time off of work getting to know our new addition...
im not sure how to post pictures on here -- but im going to attempt to figure it out..i have some pictures of our new house -- and of course my ever growing belly (just for you jess) the way -- i need to call jess, when i checked the mail yesterday i had a card from her -- she is seriously one of the sweetest people i know...and i am so blessed to have her in my you girlfriend!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


jon and i got married....

on august 10th -- this last sunday...i know that this may come as a surprise...but we wanted to do it, just him and i -- afterall, isnt that what marriage is all about -- the two of you and declaring your love for one another? i do, however, realize that there are some people that are really hurt by our decision to keep it to ourselves, but i want you to know that it had nothing to do with you -- it was just something we wanted to do together...we plan on having a celebration sometime in the near future -- debating if we want it before or after our little girl gets here...but at that point we will take pictures all that other fun will be a good time, this i can promise...

in the mean time, your love and support is greatly appreciated :)