Friday, November 21, 2008

as i sit here..

i cant help but staring at ella and feel an overwheming love for her...i cant believe that she will be six weeks old tomorrow...holy freaking crap, time flies when youre loving life...and i cant believe how big she has gotten already, its kinda overwhelming...guess i better get used to it, ya know?

Monday, November 17, 2008

one month check..

okay, so ella is really five weeks, two days old..but still... we went to her one month check today and just like we hoped, our little girl has been a growin...
6lbs, 13.5oz -- 20in long, to be exact :)
she is in the 2nd percentile for her weight, 7th percentile for her height, and 13th percentile for her head size (yeah, shes gonna be a smart one with a brain like that)...ella no longer fits her in preemie clothes and has now moved up to its been fun putting all those clothes on her now :)

our little baby girl has also discovered that she has hands and is constantly staring at them -- and last night she played with her toys until she fell asleep, which was around an hour, it was so freaking cute to watch...she is now looking all around when you hold her and makes the cutest little faces and noises i have ever seen or heard -- her signature look is when she sticks her tongue out and she loves giggling in her sleep...

its been great getting to know her -- and both jon and i are super excited to see what the coming months hold for us :) week's events....
1)she meets her uncle travis for the first time

2)has her hip ultrasound cause she was breech

3)first thanksgiving -- and gets to meet a ton of lowell family members she has yet to meet
4)meets grandma and grandpa haymen
5)family photos

as you can see -- its gonna be an eventful to follow...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

on a rainy afternoon...

the most beautiful girl in the world

so last night was probably one of the funnest nights ive had with ella thus far...she was wide awake, smiling, happy and looking all we thought it would be the perfect time to pull out some of her toys and see what she was made of :) her favorite was the rattle, cause she could put in her mouth and lick it...check out a couple of the videos, they are super cute...she even gets mad at the rattle and


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Three Weeks Already?!

time flies when you are having fun
yesterday marked ella's twenty-first day being here on earth, pretty amazing if you ask me -- especially since she still has two weeks until she was supposed to arrive...she is adjusting very well to everything, and has recently discovered how much she really likes to im thinking that she is going to be way over the six pound mark at her next doctor appointment -- maybe even close to seven -- which is on november 17th...

so this whole mom this is totally new to me, obviously, and the only thing that i am really used to taking care of are puppies, and they dont really require i have found myself wondering if i am really doing things right, like should i be playing with her more? should i be holding her more? should we be going more places so that i stimulate her brain? what kinds of things should i be saying to her, or reading to her? yeah, i weird...but i tried to sign up for this thing called "peps" of snohomish county -- which is like a group of mothers that get together and play and talk...however, i was told that there can be a waiting list of up to 3 keep your fingers crossed that i am able to get into one with the quickness...just cause i feel like i have so many random questions that need -- how far can they really see when they are 3 weeks old??

anyways -- friday was halloween, we carved pumpkins and dressed ella up in a little bib that said "little boo" (thanks mom)..and we even took picutres...
baby girl and her daddy

with her mama

earlier in the week we busted out that baby enstein playmate (thank you jenn!) and discovered that she loves looking at herself in the mirror as well as chewing on her little was a lot of fun, and i cant wait until she can reach up and grab things on her own...

in addition to doing my homework -- yes, i am currently in school right now...which isnt all that much fun...let me tell you...i spend lots of time taking pictures of my baby girl...simply because i want to remember every little thing about here are some nice random pictures that i took on halloween and yesterday...

i would also like to thank my mom and dad, erika, jilly, snickerous, jessy and my sister chelsy for coming over and keeping my company this week...i get a little bit lonely while jon is away at work and school...but i know that he is doing what he has to do for the family...and i love him lots for that...he has been working so hard to achieve his goals, and i really couldnt be more proud of the way -- his birthday is friday -- gonna be twenty five...welcome to the world of old baby cakes :)